B Leaders Switzerland

B Leaders is a training program that provides knowledge and methods to professionals who want to lead their organization through to the B Corp certification. It is also a community of practitioners who exchange ideas to find solutions to social and environmental challenges.

The Training Program


Explore B Corp movement

Discover the B Corp certification, the requirements to obtain it and learn how you can support the companies involved in this process.


Access helpful documents

The B Leaders Resource Portal will host the content of the B Leaders program, a library of useful documents and case studies for the exclusive use of B Leaders.


Learn from other B Leaders

The sharing of experiences between B Leaders is one of the best supports in setting up new practices. It enables the dissemination of best practices within B Corp certified companies or market players willing to join the B Economy.

Upcoming trainings



There are no upcoming events at this time.

Who are the B Leaders?


These B Leaders have all completed the programme. Many are capable of offering advice and guidance to companies thinking about, preparing for or going through the B Corp certification process.


Meet the B Leaders



If you would like to know more about the B Leaders program, please contact us.

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